The Matric Rage

From the end of November, every year for one week, our quiet little seaside village becomes a hub of frantic activity. Matrics from all the provinces converge on Umhlanga to take part in the notorious, annual “Matric Rage” and celebrate the end of their school careers and their new found freedom. Parties are often wild and over the top as the school leavers celebrate their independence enthusiastically – away from…

Happy Anniversary!

Celebration time! Congratulations to our guests celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary with us at The Lazy Lizard.

I am an African

I am an African Not because I was born there But because my heart beats with Africa’s I am an African Not because my skin is black But because my mind is engaged by Africa I am an African Not because I live on its soil But because my soul is at home in Africa When Africa weeps for her children My cheeks are stained with tears When Africa honours…

Wednesday is Market Day in Umhlanga

Every Wednesday is the Farmers’ Market in Umhlanga. Join the locals shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables, jewellery, plants/seedlings,delicious treats and taking time out to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sun.