Matric Rage

The Matric Rage

From the end of November, every year for one week, our quiet little seaside village becomes a hub of frantic activity. Matrics from all the provinces converge on Umhlanga to take part in the notorious, annual “Matric Rage” and celebrate the end of their school careers and their new found freedom. Parties are often wild and over the top as the school leavers celebrate their independence enthusiastically – away from the watchful eyes of parents. The excitement is almost palpable as everyone takes part in the planned daily activities – live music, DJ’s, beach parties, competitions……….

As suddenly as they arrive, they depart again – returning home to begin their new lives and responsibilities as young adults. Once again our peace and quiet returns and life in our village returns to normal……..

We hosted six girls this year and it was wonderful to witness them experiencing such a fun time creating memories that will never be forgotten.

Life is fun!
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